Marine Life Photos by Ed, Chacha, and Jeanine Garcia

Welcome to ReefLife!

This website is a family project. A knitting of our interests.

Well ... It so happened that we are all divers in the family and all self-proclaimed conservationists. We are into photography as well. We do a lot of diving, we love the coral reefs, and we take a lot of photos. Our daughter who is now in college is taking up B.S. Biology and very much interested in Marine Life. ... I am also a Webmaster and a Divemaster at the same time ... And so we have put all these interests together and we have put together this website featuring our "Life on the Reef" photos.. and, of course, the photos are taxonomically arranged.

All photos on this website, including the thumbnails and icons that are displayed here are all shot by us. We reserve all rights to the photos.

This website is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION and photos are still being organized, but please feel free to browse around especially the Invertebrates section where we are currently working on.

Thank you.